Gabriel Rocco and Marcy Vaughn at their Contemplative Arts Studio in Bryn Mawr, PA.

The 3 Doors has just launched a nine-month compassion project for healthcare, education, and social service providers. This project examines empathy burn-out, obstacles to compassionate caregiving, and the development of self-compassion. Led by Senior 3 Doors Teachers Gabriel Rocco and Marcy Vaughn, participants are learning ancient Tibetan meditation methods to strengthen their resilience in relation to suffering.

“You can’t talk about compassion without talking about suffering. How do you experience the suffering of others? How do you acknowledge and care for your own suffering?” asks Marcy Vaughn, who teaches Tibetan meditation internationally. “The 3 Doors Compassion Project is bringing together an amazing group of doctors, body workers, educators, therapists, and hospital administrators to explore how experiences of suffering affect our natural ability to be compassionate.”

Participants will experience how these Tibetan meditation practices can clear blocks and open up their natural caregiving abilities. In addition to a daily meditation commitment, the 28 participants will meet monthly for day-long workshop retreats held at the Contemplative Arts Studio in Bryn Mawr, PA. The teachings include an integrated process of meditation and self-reflection to cultivate love, compassion, joy, and equanimity in relation to self, family, and community. This project has been generously funded by an anonymous donor who is dedicated to supporting healthier, happier workplaces and communities.

The 3 Doors Compassion Project includes a research component to document the effects of these Tibetan meditation methods on mindfulness, compassion, work burnout, anxiety and depression, quality of relationships, and Quality of Life (QOL). The research is led by Principal Investigator Mike Gawrysiak, Ph.D., Delaware State University and University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, with the support of The 3 Doors research team: Claire Clark, Ph.D., University of Utah School of Medicine; Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D., University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Integrative Medicine Program, and Scott Clearwater, Ph.D.

“All of our participants have had experience with some form of mindfulness practices or mindfulness training. We plan to build on this base and provide them with workplace meditation tools that can help them resolve issues as they arise, moment to moment. Once learned, these meditation methods can be quickly used to effectively remove blocks and restore energy levels. Marcy and I are so excited to be bringing these teachings to our local community,” explains Gabriel Rocco, who also serves as a Senior Instructor at the Penn Program for Mindfulness.

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The 3 Doors is an international meditation organization founded by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche that teaches Tibetan meditation methods with practical applications for everyday life. Transforming lives through meditation.

The Contemplative Arts Studio (Bryn Mawr, PA), integrates meditation and personal reflection for health and creativity. Founded by Gabriel Rocco and Marcy Vaughn, this studio is located Bryn Mawr, PA.