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Your gift is much appreciated and of great value in supporting us to bring The 3 Doors meditation programs and practice to more people. The donation process is easy. Just click the above Donation button to give a gift by PayPal or credit card, and write in your desired donation amount. All donations default to one-time donations. If you would like your donation to be a consistent monthly amount, then check the monthly box on the form. At any time, you may stop your monthly donations, by simply contacting

We are currently accepting donations in the following areas: General Donation, European Academy Scholarship, Latin American Academy Scholarship, North American Academy Scholarship, Compassion Project Scholarship and DZA Council Fund. Donations will default to a general donation category and will be used where the organization needs them most, unless specific requests are typed into the “add specific instructions to the seller” area of the online form.

Another way people donate is by making a Legacy Contribution through a will or estate plan. These gifts help to ensure that The 3 Doors practices and programs will be here for generations to come.

You may also donate by post with this Mail-in-Form or email to request to make a donation by phone.

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The Three Doors (The 3 Doors) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt educational organization; tax ID # 27-3293201. Please make your check out to “The Three Doors” and mail your donation to The Three Doors, 554 Drumheller Ln, Shipman, VA 22971

The 3 Doors provides Tibetan meditation programs and practices to people in more than 20 countries, supporting practitioners in their natural inclination to serve the wellbeing of others. Graduates of our programs are bringing these life-changing practices into their local communities, inspiring positive change that ripples out.  As an international nonprofit organization, only a portion of our operational costs are covered by tuition income. We rely on the generosity of practitioners and philanthropists to:

  • Reach more people with 3 Doors programs and practices
  • Nurture a vibrant international 3 Doors community
  • Develop meaningful, transformative programs
  • Provide program scholarships opportunities

Note: Next time you shop on, go to AMAZONSMILE.COM.  If you select “The Three Doors” as your charity, then .5% of your purchase will be donated to The 3 Doors at no cost to you. The program is fully integrated with your regular Amazon account and has the exact same product and pricing selections.