The 3 Doors Academy

The Academy provides the opportunity to engage deeply in the process of self-discovery. It is rigorous in the sense that you are asked to make an active and on-going commitment to self-reflection and meditation. It is challenging at times, since facing yourself can be humbling and disorienting. And it is frequently joyful, since the freedom of going beyond perceived limitations and experiencing the abundant resources of your true nature is liberating.

The Academy is a two and a half year commitment and graduates automatically have membership in The 3 Doors international Practitioners Association (3PA). Click on a location below to learn more.

One outcome of my experience in The 3 Doors Academy is a new ease in my work. I am now so much more open in my core, in my inner refuge, that spontaneous ways of being with my clients simply emerge – connections grow, words flow, and I am released from the need to over-plan or over-think what I should be doing.

Bea Ledyard

The 3 Doors Academy program helps you unleash your full potential and truly transform your being. As you transform, you can see the impact on others—your family, coworkers, friends, relatives, and society.

Frank Jeri

Looking back to the start of the Academy 2½ years earlier, the path at first seemed like crossing a jungle. Then, gradually, supported by the practices of 9 Breathings and Tsa Lung to clear stormy internal winds, Warrior Seed Syllables to overcome fear, and Inner Refuge to experience healing and rest, I found my way.

Karolina Seltenheim