What we do

The 3 Doors offers meditation teachings around the world through online programs and in-person retreats.  Our longer programs include a 2 1/2 year Academy programs in Europe, Latin America and North America, as well as a 9-month Compassion Project  We teach Tibetan meditation methods that harmonize the body, speech, and mind to help people connect to their true creative nature. Our core practices have their roots in the Dzogchen tradition of Bon Buddhism, and are taught in ways that are relevant and accessible to everyday life. The core 3 Doors practices are Inner Refuge, Tsa Lung, Warrior Syllables, 9-Breathings, and The Fivefold Teachings.

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The next 9-month Compassion Project program begins in Sept. 2020 – Learn more and register.

The next Academy will be held in North America beginning in April 2021 – Learn more and apply.

One outcome of my experience in The 3 Doors Academy is a new ease in my work. I am now so much more open in my core, in my inner refuge, that spontaneous ways of being with my clients simply emerge – connections grow, words flow, and I am released from the need to over-plan or over-think what I should be doing.

Bea L. – Academy

The 3 Doors is a program that helps you unleash your full potential and truly transform your being. As you transform, you can see the impact on others—your family, coworkers, friends, relatives, and society.

Frank J. – Academy

Because my own practice is deepening, it comes into how I teach mindfulness. Last weekend I did a workshop on cultivating compassion and I could really feel the depth of my own practice supporting how I was able to hold the space.

Aleeze M. – 9-Month Compassion Project

I found it a very deep and joyful journey. I want to thank everybody and especially Laura for her way of teaching. So trustful, calm, and effective. I found so much by going in-depth into the core of my being. It helped me become more alive in every cell of my body.

Roland Z – Joy of Embodied Presence