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What we do

The 3 Doors offers meditation teachings around the world, including 2 1/2 year Academy programs in Europe, Latin America and North America; half-day to week-long retreats and seminars; and meditation workshops tailored to the needs of specific organizations. This year, we launched The 3 Doors Compassion Project for social service, education and healthcare providers and a Conscious Leadership program for faculty and staff at Universities. To schedule a meditation program for your workplace or community, please contact the program coordinator.

We teach Tibetan meditation methods that harmonize the body, speech, and mind to help people connect to their true creative nature. Our core practices have their roots in the Dzogchen tradition of Bon Buddhism, and are taught in a way that is relevant and accessible to modern life. These practices are Inner Refuge, Tsa Lung, Warrior Syllables, 9-Breathings, and The Fivefold Teachings.

One outcome of my experience in The 3 Doors is a new ease in my work. I am now so much more open in my core, in my inner refuge, that spontaneous ways of being with my clients simply emerge – connections grow, words flow, and I am released from the need to over-plan or over-think what I should be doing.
Bea Ledyard, United States
The 3 Doors is a program that helps you unleash your full potential and truly transform your being. As you transform, you can see the impact on others—your family, coworkers, friends, relatives, and society.
Frank Jeri, Peru
Looking back to the start 2½ years earlier, the path at first seemed like crossing a jungle. Then, gradually, supported by the practices of 9 Breathings and Tsa Lung to clear stormy internal winds, Warrior Seed Syllables to overcome fear, and Inner Refuge to experience healing and rest, I found my way.
Karolina Seltenheim, Austria