This past January, 29 Academy participants gathered for a group retreat in the pre-colonial city of Tepoztlán, Mexico to begin the 2nd Latin American Academy.

“Participants got a full taste of what an Academy has to offer – incredible personal support, the companionship of like-minded people, and the
 continual encouragement of their teachers. I look forward to seeing what manifests from this marvelous beginning!”

Senior Teacher Laura Shekerjian

“Starting the second 3 Doors Academy in Latin America felt like being at home with a new extended family. Having our team of Laura, Kallon, myself, and 5 previous Academy graduates, and being in Tepoztlán again, made the experience familiar. We were able to welcome the new participants in a way that they integrated quite seamlessly. Looking forward to this journey together!”
Alejandro Chaoul, Senior Teacher