What are the 3 Doors?

Through the practice of meditation with the three doors—resting in stillness of the body, silence of speech, and spaciousness of mind—we release our habitual patterns and have clear access to openness, awareness, and warmth. We recognize the space of our very being itself, and this intimate recognition is a spark, a light that ignites a positive response to the moment.

When we abide in openness, awareness, and warmth, we are naturally able to express generosity, experience forgiveness, feel love, or have compassion. This single experience of resting in the inner refuge of one’s being gives birth to so many positive experiences—transforming self, relationships, and society.

Graduates from The 3 Doors Academy Share Their Stories

One outcome of my experience in The 3 Doors is a new ease in my work as a psychotherapist. I am now so much more open in my core, in my inner refuge, that spontaneous ways of being with my clients simply emerge – connections grow, words flow, and I am released from the need to over-plan or over-… (more)

The 3 Doors is a program that helps you unleash your full potential and truly transform your being. As you transform, you can see the impact on others—your family, coworkers, friends, relatives, and society. In The 3 Doors I have received teachings and meditation practices from the ancient wisdom… (more)

I want to thank everyone involved in building up The 3 Doors community and encourage anyone who feels connected and deeply touched to come along with us on this fresh and exciting path. I graduated from the 3 Doors European Academy in March 2014. Looking back to the start 2½ years earlier, the…(more)