In June 2018, 25 people gathered at the Pauenhof Retreat Center, Sonsbeck, Germany for the first Walking the Healing Path program led by Senior 3 Doors Teacher Raven Lee, Ph.D. This new 3 Doors program supports those called to a subtle energy healing path. Over 2 ½ days, the group explored how three qualities – openness, awareness, and warmth of our true nature – can support us as healers and enhance the healing process. Participants shared their perceptions of healing and being a healer and examined the causes of suffering and challenges in our work with others, such as feeling overwhelmed or fatigued, taking on suffering and doubts, or being attached to results.

Participants gave positive feedback about their experience, and dates have been set for next year’s retreat, which will be held June 10-13, 2019, on Lake Constance in Switzerland.  This time, there will be German translation offered.  Further details and registration will be announced at a later date.

A wonderful experience. I use these meditations in daily life, and they help me to not get overwhelmed. Raven is an exceptional teacher with unlimited energy to encourage us. Thank you for this experience.”
G. Jansen, The Netherlands

“I was really impressed by (Raven’s) touching delivery style and her connection to the heart of each single participant.”
R. Rickenbacher, Switzerland

“Receiving is important if we want to give. I really enjoyed the feeling of being part of this sensitive group of people and sharing what healing means for everyone.”
T. Bisscheroux, The Netherlands

To learn more about and register for the upcoming Walking the Healing Path 3-month online program, beginning in September, 2018, CLICK HERE.