Walking the Healing Path:  March – May, 2020

Based on ancient Tibetan practices, this three-month multimedia online course, led by Dr. Raven Lee, is designed for energy healers and others who work with intuition or subtle energies. It also benefits those on a personal healing journey intent on transforming stress and bringing harmony and well-being to their daily lives.

The wisdom of your essential nature is a refuge and source of healing and protection. Discovering and deepening familiarity with this inner refuge is the foundation of this training. Each month we will practice using energetic pathways within the body to deepen and strengthen our capacity to connect with and abide in our nature. Doing so supports unshakable confidence in those who walk the healing path.

Join us as we explore methods for clearing blockages, for establishing protection, and for enhancing our awareness of the conditions that lead to imbalance and to feeling overwhelmed and fatigued in the presence of the suffering of others. You will experience how the three qualities of your true nature—being, awareness, and the warmth of genuine presence—protect, support, and guide you on your human journey.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore what constitutes a healing path and the conditions that cause imbalance.
  • Examine the causes of suffering and the challenges that arise in our work with others, such as feeling overwhelmed or fatigued, taking on suffering and doubt, or being attached to results.
  • Experience how three qualities—the openness, awareness, and warmth of our true nature—support us as healers and enhance the healing process.
  • Discover inner support for clearing blockages and for enhancing your attunement to unceasing healing potential.
  • Learn simple, powerful Tibetan meditation practices of body, speech, and mind to meet challenges such as feeling overwhelmed, depleted or flooded.
  • Connect to and abide in the inner wisdom of your true nature, a refuge of healing and protection.
  • Discover how the meditation practices of the Nine Breathings of Purification and the Tsa Lung can support the clearing and opening of energetic channels.
  • Enhance self-awareness of subtle body channels, clear blockages, and change habitual patterns in daily life related to the healing path.

Program Design:

1. In our first meeting we explore healing, the calling to be a healer, and being on a healing path. How do you experience others? Do you take it on? Do you become drained and exhausted? Are you attached to results? Are you able to find ground as you engage in life and in your work with others?

2.  What are the causes of suffering? Through guided meditation, we experience direct connection with the three doors of body, speech, and mind. Through reflection, we discover how we disconnect from the ground of being and react to the world externally and within. Each door offers a pathway back to our true state of being. Through drawing our attention inward to the stillness of body, the silence of speech, and the spaciousness of mind, we can find a sense of inner refuge that has qualities of spaciousness, awareness, and generative warmth.

3. What supports the healing path? What is our ultimate refuge? We explore connecting to the source of healing within us, the power of awareness, and the healing warmth that arises spontaneously from our connection to this source. First, we train our mind to rest and discover the ground of being. Second, we release judgment, hopes, and fears and discover pure awareness, the light that illuminates the darkness of suffering, the light of infinite possibilities. Third, the healing warmth of genuine presence moves into expression.

4. We will introduce the informal practice of the Three Precious Pills, and how to apply to daily life and work. Recommended reading: True Source of Healing. We will talk about the commitments of the program, the importance of developing direct experience, naked awareness, and understanding hosting one’s experience.

1.The second recorded class and zoom meeting builds on the foundation of inner refuge and focuses on the sacred body and the practice of the Nine Breathings of Purification, a practice of channels and winds. Participants will also learn the life-force Tsa Lung connected to the heart chakra. These practices enable us to increase our awareness of the subtle energy channels and chakra centers in order to clear our habitual patterns of aversion, attachment, and disconnection or ignorance, which are the root causes of suffering.

2. We will explore ways we lose our ground of awareness and become overwhelmed or fatigued. An emphasis will be on protection for the healer and healing process.

3. As we strengthen our connection to the true source of healing, and cultivate the warmth that arises from open awareness, we can be recharged, enlivened, and enhance our healing gifts.

The book for these teachings is Tenzin Wangyal’s Awakening the Sacred Body.

1. In the third meeting we will focus on how these practices have enhanced our healing potentialities through creating the ultimate protection and safe container in the warmth of our open awareness.

2. We will explore the ways that these practices have supported us these past few months in self-healing, clearing obstacles to being more grounded and aware, deepening the changeless, ceaseless and undeluded confidence of our true nature as the source of healing.

3. We will share the fruits of our experience from the three-month journey. How have you shifted as healers on the healing path?

4. We will end the training by revisiting the discussion on transformations, and ways we can continue our growth.

5. We dedicate the merits of our time together by creating a list of loved ones and colleagues who are injured, ill, or who have recently died, hosting them in our practice, and radiating the spaciousness, awareness, and warmth of our being—the gifts of the inner refuge—to them and to all beings.

Program Details:

TEACHER: Dr. Raven Lee


March 11-May 27 The teaching and guided practices will be posted the week before you meet in your small group online classes.  The small group Zoom classes are on held on Wednesday March 18, April 15, and May 27.  You may join at 1:30 or 8:30 p.m. New York Time (10:30 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. Pacific / 6:30 p.m. or 1:30 a.m. Central European). All of these course materials are downloadable for your practice convenience.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Prior to the program’s beginning, refunds for cancellation will be made in full (minus a $25 processing fee).  After the official start of the program, no refunds will be given.

CONTACT: Please contact if you have any questions.

COST:  $259
Before the start of the program, you will receive an email with a link to access the prerecorded sessions.

Each participant receives 10.5  hours of course materials.  There are 6 hours of prerecorded teachings and guided practices as well as 4.5 hours of small group interactive Zoom classes led by Senior Teacher Raven Lee, which contain both guided practices and discussions.  The small group guided practice sessions are recorded and accessible any time (a link to access the recordings will be sent prior to the start of the course).  An online chat room is available to share experiences and ask questions throughout the course.  All materials are downloadable, and will remain available on the website for six months after the course completion.


Teacher Bio

Raven Lee
Raven LeeSenior Teacher
Barbara Raven Lee, Ph.D. is a Jungian psychotherapist, meditation teacher, shamanic healer, and board-certified fellow in clinical hypnotherapy. A Buddhist practitioner for almost three decades, Raven is a senior student of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, and a Senior Teacher of The Three Doors Academy. She is a Reiki Master/teacher and certified Energy Psychology clinician. Raven integrates ancient wisdom with Western psychology and neurobiology in her private practice in Pasadena, California, where she specializes in trauma and mind/body healing. She is also the author of “Unbinding the Soul: Awakening through Crisis and Compassion.”