The Healing Power of Silence: Dec 2020 – Jan 2021

Our attention often identifies with and clings to inner dialogue which accompanies us – invited or not, throughout our everyday experiences. This inner speech and reactive commentary separates us from the spacious awareness and warmth of our authentic Being. This 3 Doors course will support you to recognize patterns of inner and outer speech and how to use precision of attention to rest in powerful, transformative inner silence.

Designed to increase the light of lively awareness in your life, The Healing Power of Silence is a 6-week self-guided audio course presented by 3 Doors Senior Teacher Gabriel Rocco. Each week on Fridays new teaching modules and guided meditation practices are released that can be streamed or downloaded.  An online classroom platform provides the opportunity to ask the teacher questions and share your experiences with other participants from around the world.

This 6-week online course can support you to:

  • Listen and respond to others from a place of open awareness.
  • Fine-tune your precision of attention and deepen experiences with core 3 Doors practices: Door of Silence (the 3 Doors), 9-breathings, Tsa Lung, and Warrior Seed Syllables.
  • Recognize and release reactive speech patterns.
  • Free your mind from the trance of inner dialogue, unhealthy internal chatter.
  • Practice how to receive the gift of silence off-the-cushion.
  • Discover the rich fullness of your authentic speech and how it can transform your life.

Program Design

There are 12 teaching modules and 13 guided meditations in this six-week course. Each week has approximately 30 minutes of teaching and one hour of guided practice.

Teaching: Understanding the 3 Doors and the benefits of Stillness, Silence, Spaciousness. Learning and reviewing what it is to rest in the Inner Refuge.

Guided Practice: Focus on the 3 Doors practice with precision of attention

Teaching: The Door of Silence, Pain Speech, and the 3 Poisons.

Guided Practice: 9 Breathings of Purification with precision of attention.

Teaching: Reflecting on habitual patterns of pain speech that can block the throat chakra and prevent natural expressions of clarity and warmth. Recognizing a pain identity and learning how to transform and heal it.

Guided Practice: Upward Moving Tsa Lung. Focusing on the Door of Silence to enter the Inner Refuge and hosting a pain identity.

Teaching: Liberation in the moment. How to apply the Door of Silence informally as you go about your day and use awareness to illuminate the suffering of reactivity on the spot.

Guided Practice: Precious Pill of Silence.

Teaching: Reflecting on habitual pain identities associated with judging, complaining, inability to listen to others, conflict, suppression, or elaboration. Breaking free from the trance of inner dialogue.

Guided Practice: Enter Inner Refuge through the Door of Silence, host a habitual inner dialogue pain identity, rest in the emergence of non-conceptual awareness to Illuminate and dissolve impermanent reactive identity structure.

Teaching: Noticing one’s ability to articulate and express from the warmth of refuge and the difference when communicating a “frozen” pain identity. Noticing ‘losing the point’ in discussion due to reactivity.

Guided Practice: 9-Breathings/Secret Tsa Lung/Door of Silence into refuge hosting pain identity.

Teaching: Reflecting on the use of negative, non-virtuous, pain speech: Lying, Maliciousness/Slander, Harshness/Abusive, Idle Gossip.

Guided Practice: Door of Silence into refuge: reflect on and clear negative habits of pain speech: outer/inner upward moving Tsa Lung.

Teaching: Further exploring the connection between pain speech and pain identities.

Guided Practice: Door of Silence into refuge/hosting a recent pain identity created by expression of pain speech.

Teaching: Abiding in refuge, we connect to our inherent positive qualities: Our spacious nature is not empty but full and rich, it is the source of limitless possibilities and potential, we discover fearlessness and confidence. Discovering these inherent immeasurable qualities, we recognize our natural completeness and capacity to respond to whatever we meet.

Guided Practice: Steady focus of on Silence with a precision of attention: no agenda, not creating a result – resting in awareness of unbounded space: limitless possibilities, confident, and complete.

Teaching: Development of authentic speech: gentle, peaceful, effective, and harmonious (brings people together).

Guided Practice: Outer/Inner/Secret Tsa Lung – Door of Silence: abiding in the openness of the throat chakra, experiencing the result.

Teaching: Exploring Silence as a door to connect to and know oneself, to express oneself, and to experience Silence as a Gift of Freedom.

Guided Practice: Full practice of 9 Breathings, Upward Moving Tsa Lung, Focus on Door of Silence all with a precision of attention. Less guided instructions and more quiet practice time to support deepening into the experience of Silence as a Gift.

Teaching: Appreciation for the path of the 3 Doors. Appreciation for the gifts of spaciousness, awareness, and warmth, with a focus on second refuge, the Body of Light.

Guided Practice: A, Om, Hung – singing sacred syllables with the melody composed by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

Course Details:

TEACHER: Gabriel Rocco

DATES/TIMES: December 2020 – January 2021
New modules to be released on December 5, 12 and 19, 2020 (one week break for the holidays) and January 2, 9 and 16, 2021.

COST: $199

Before the start of the program, you will receive an email with a link to access the modules and online classroom.

Prior meditation experience with 3 Doors meditation practices is beneficial, but not required.

COURSE DESIGN: There are 12 teaching modules and 13 guided practices delivered in this six weeks of this course. Each week new teaching modules and guided practices will be available for you to download or stream at your convenience.

3 Doors Senior Teacher Gabriel Rocco will be monitoring the online classroom where participants may share experiences and ask questions. Gabriel will be available during this course to answer your questions about this course and its practices.

Please contact if you have questions.


Teacher Bio

Gabriel Rocco
Gabriel RoccoSenior Teacher
Gabriel Rocco is a senior student of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. He received his Master of Arts in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University in 1981. Following twenty years as mind-body health specialist at the Wellness Community in Philadelphia, and Senior Instructor of University of Pennsylvania’s Program
for Stress Management, he remains a therapist in private practice. Gabriel is one of the Senior Teachers of The 3 Doors Academy, a three year training program presenting teachings and practices to support connection to one’s sacred body, genuine speech, and luminous mind. He co-designed the curriculum for The 3 Doors Compassion Project with his wife, Marcy Vaughn. Gabriel was on the Ligmincha International Board of Directors for 18 years, where he served as chair.