Deepening the Flow of Interconnectivity, Sept – Oct 2020

There are moments in life when we experience effortless relationship with everything around us and are deeply interconnected. In these moments, the world feels alive and full of promise. And there are moments we lose this depth of connection and vitality and fall into a less vibrant, more restricted and separate sense of being.

The ebb and flow of connection and disconnection is particularly apparent in our relationships with others. This 3 Doors course will support you to look into the mirror of the other to become aware of restrictive habits of perception, to explore how these patterns can soften and loosen, and to open to the flow of nourishment that is available in relationship but often blocked by fear and desire.

During this four-week course you will be able to:

  • Recognize how habitual tendencies and self-boundaries are activated in relationship
  • Shift your focus from what you want from another to your capacity to receive
  • Utilize practices of breath, movement, and sound to open the space of connection
  • Experience the difference between acting as if you were a separate individual interacting with a world “out there,” and being a participant in a dynamic dance
  • Practice to recognize, receive, and be nourished by the flow that arises through connection to yourself, to others, and to the world around you

Program Details

The One-Way Mirror of Personal Identity
We live our lives within intersecting webs of connection that provide an abundance of support and nourishment. And yet the limitations of personal identity may cause us to hold our individuality so tightly that we remain separate and malnourished, unable to join life’s dynamic flow. In this session, we will explore how our “I” engages the world and protects its self-other boundaries, and how we can soften towards greater inclusivity—within ourselves and towards others. We ask the questions: Can we receive what is there and allow it to support our expansion and growth? Can we support the growth of others to enhance the environment we share?

Looking into the Mirror of the Other
Our relationships with important others help us see how we get lost in experience and drift away from ourselves and the people we are with. These kinds of relationships activate our personal history, causing us to perceive through filters of memory, hope, and fear. This activates the energy of the three “poisons” of rejecting, gripping, and disconnecting. In this session, we will explore how these energetic tendencies arise in our interactions with others and use the Nine Breathings of Purification to soothe not only these instinctive reactions, but the underlying needs that fuel them.
Moving Through the Looking Glass
As we see ourselves reflected in our habitual reactions to others and begin to pacify their energy, we move out of a self-referential reality into one that includes the fullness of the other person. In this session, we explore communication—how we speak, how we listen, and how we reside in the interpersonal space between us. When we slow down and pay close attention to how the energetic tendencies arise in the process of trying to connect with one another through the body, speech, and mind of communication, we are able to release these tendencies on a deeper level. This allows us to feel more peaceful, more present, and therefore more connected to the person we sit with.

The Sacred Mirror
When we deepen our capacity to speak and listen from the openness of our hearts we become able to truly receive the other person as they are. This process of receiving is incredibly profound because it asks the “I” to soften, open, and include more and more of what is there, whether the breath, another person, inner experience, life itself. This deep inclusion and the progressive lightening of the personal identity enable us to be with one another as sacred mirrors, clear and transparent, celebrating and sharing our essential nature.

Course Details:

TEACHER: Laura Shekerjian

DATES/TIMES:  Sept.18-Oct 11, 2020
Prerecorded modules will be released on four consecutive Fridays: Sept 18, Sept 25, Oct 2, Oct 9
Live Zoom sessions will be held on Sunday, Sept 20 and Oct 11, from 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. New York time. Time Zone Calculator

RECORDINGS:  All the prerecorded and live teachings and guided meditations are available to stream or download. To respect privacy of participants, group discussions are not posted.

DISCUSSION ROOM:  Our online learning management system enables participants to share experiences and ask questions of Senior Teacher Laura Shekerjian throughout the duration of this course. Information and access to this chat room is kept strictly confidential among participants.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Prior to the program’s beginning, refunds for cancellation will be made in full (minus a $25 processing fee).  After the official start of the program, no refunds will be given.

Prior meditation experience with 3 Doors meditation practices is beneficial, but not required.


Teacher Bio

Laura Shekerjian
Laura ShekerjianSenior Teacher
Laura Shekerjian is a Senior Teacher for The 3 Doors, a psychotherapist practicing in Berkeley, California, and a long-time practitioner of Tibetan meditation and various yogic disciplines. She holds master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Buddhist Studies and has worked for over twenty years in individual, group, and classroom settings to actively engage her clients and students in the process of self-discovery. Laura was adjunct faculty for many years in the Departments of Somatic Psychology and Counseling Psychology at John F. Kennedy University and the California Institute for Integral Studies.