An integrative medicine research study from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center recently concluded that cancer patients and their caregivers had “clinically significant reduction and improvement” in global distress, fatigue, anxiety, and shortness of breath when they practiced the Tibetan meditation methods of Nine Breathings of Purification, Sacred Sounds (A, Om and Hung), or Tsa Lung in a group meditation class.

Conducted by Gabriel Lopez, MD, Alejandro Chaoul PhD et al., “A Pragmatic Evaluation of Symptom Distress After Group Meditation for Cancer Patients and Caregivers: A Preliminary Report” was published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Pain and Systems Management. This research is an exciting step forward in understanding and sharing the benefits of the meditation methods practiced throughout our international 3 Doors community and beyond. The article also references Tibetan Sound Healing and Awakening the Sacred Body books authored by The 3 Doors Founder Tenzin Wangyal. Click to read the ScienceDirect Abstract.

Alejandro Chaoul is a senior teacher of The 3 Doors Academy, a member of the 3 Doors research team, and a recently named fellow of the Mind & Life Institute. He is the director of research at Ligmincha International and the director of the new Mind, Body, and Spirit Institute at the Jung Center in Houston, Texas. His new book, Tibetan Yoga for Health & Well-Being: The Science and Practice of Healing Your Body, Energy, and Mind, is being released this summer.