North American Academy, 5 Wisdom Breath Energies, and Walking the Healing Path

Are you interested in deepening your meditation practice? The 3 Doors is pleased to announce several new programs for English and Spanish speakers. Our online programs are easy to access – you just need an internet connection to join the video conference sessions. We keep our class sizes small to allow personal attention and sharing of experiences.

We invite you to check out The 3 Doors on Insight Timer. We’ve recently added to our collection of free guided meditation practices to include more offerings led in Spanish.

3 Doors Senior Teachers: Raven Lee, Alejandro Chaoul, Laura Shekerjian, Gabriel Rocco and Marcy Vaughn


Begin a Journey of Personal Transformation in October

Led by Senior 3 Doors Teachers Marcy Vaughn and Gabriel Rocco, the next North American Academy begins in October 2018. This 2 ½ year program includes 6 group retreats held at the Serenity Ridge retreat center in Virginia, 63 life transformations, regular daily meditation practice, and individual mentorship. Experience how The 3 Doors teachings and the warmth of our practitioner community can support your natural inclination to serve the welfare of others. Learn more and apply


New Program Led in Spanish with English Translation in August

Led by Senior 3 Doors Teacher, Alejandro Chaoul, PhD, this 4-week online meditation program is designed to wake up your subtle body through breath, simple visualizations, and Tibetan yogic movements. Through breath and gentle movements, we will explore how our channels and chakras support us in connecting to the spaciousness and healing warmth of our inner refuge. English translation is available and will be heard only by those who choose this option. Learn more and register


New Program Begins in September

Led by Senior 3 Doors Teacher Raven Lee, PhD, this 3-month online meditation course is designed to support those called to a subtle energy healing path. Throughout this program, you will be supported to connect with the ground of your essential nature— open, aware, dynamically present—which provides a safe container for your own emotional and spiritual development as you engage in your healing work with others. Learn more and register

Additionally, join a Walking the Healing Path summer retreat on June 16-19 at the Pauenhof Retreat Center, Sonsbeck, Germany. Learn more.


New Session Begins in October

Led by Senior Teacher Laura Shekerjian in English and simultaneously translated into Spanish, the April/May 4-week online Joy of Embodied Presence program has just ended. Stay tuned for a new 4-week Joy of Embodied Presence program that is focused on the breath to begin in October.