How can self-reflection and increased awareness improve leadership skills? Too often our busy schedules lead us into predictable patterns of workplace interactions that leave little room for curiosity, spontaneity, or careful listening.

When Frank Jeri, Human Resource Director for the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, wanted to support leadership development and reduce stress of faculty and staff, he reached out to The 3 Doors international meditation organization. Working with Senior 3 Doors Teacher Laura Shekerjian, a two-day Conscious Leadership workshop was developed.

Workshop on Conscious Leadership - Peruvian University of Applied Sciences

Workshop on Conscious Leadership – Peruvian University of Applied Sciences.

In Lima, Peru, Laura Shekerjian taught the group of 19 faculty and staff members simple meditation practices to pause, turn inwards, and use their breath to discover the space at the end of the exhalation. Resting in their awareness of inner silence and spaciousness, the participants were led into small group activities where they observed the effects this focus had on their bodies, posture, and communication. Participants learned a process of reflecting without judgment on their patterns of reactivity or stress. They examined how to apply these 3 Doors meditation methods to catch and release habitual reactions – to become aware of the automatic reactions and then allow space for different, more productive responses to arise.

“It was very practical. They provided a set of tools that can help us facilitate productive faculty meetings; bring innovation and creativity into strategic plans; and speak, understand, and listen to each other in a more focused way.”
Jorge C., Dean of the School of Engineering

With the success of this workshop, the University is looking to implement this program in a broader way for other leaders and employees. “Many of the participants already have ideas of how they could bring silence, for example, into the beginning of their meetings; how they could use their understanding of meditative posture to support their students and clients; or how to simply be more self-aware throughout their day,” reflected Frank Jeri.

With an objective that goes beyond individual mindfulness, this program brings awareness directly into workplace communication patterns to improve group dynamics and support the growth of effective leaders.  For information about bringing the The 3 Doors Conscious Leadership to your University or Business, please contact our Program Coordinator. Visit to learn more about The 3 Doors organization and program offerings.

Comments from participants of the Aug 4-5 2016 Conscious Leadership workshop:

“It was a different, valuable experience as it allows us to know ourselves more. We can apply it to our work to improve as leaders and we can apply it in our personal lives. It has taught us to look at things as they are and be more open. It would be interesting to all managers in the Organization to take this course. ”
James L., Business Faculty Director

“This is a very useful tool to implement in our day to day. It strengthens us personally and professionally. I believe that the practice will allow us to have a better balance in our lives. It has been very good in allowing us to focus on what is important to improving our creativity and daily performance. Finally, it can be shared easily. We should look at implementing it for many more employees.”
Gianfranco E., Marketing Manager

“I enjoyed the workshop as it has been deep and practical at the same time.  I think this workshop is important for leaders because it allows us to learn techniques to be more present and aware of our attitudes and actions.  Being more present allows us to avoid acting automatically, and those reactive responses are the ones that tend to generate bad atmospheres in teams. What I most appreciate most is that we have learned to be more present and aware in our life. What we learned in the workshop can help us achieve a greater level of presence and consciousness through the posture, the breathing, the silence, and the mind.”
Fiorella G., Alumni Manager

“Through the experiences in this workshop, I’ve been able to learn what I was looking for in meditation. The professor has been excellent, she has shared her knowledge openly and in a simple way, guiding us to discover for ourselves the benefits of meditation. I think that many employees would be benefit in their personal and professional lives from participating in this workshop.”
Maritza H., Associate Teacher

“The knowledge shared in this workshop is instrumental in generating quality leadership.”
Jimmy P., Strategic Information Manager

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Note: We have another weekend Conscious Leadership workshop scheduled in Lima, Peru for August 2017.