The pace of modern life can be exhausting. Our busy schedules combined with unlimited access to news about suffering around the world, as well as our current political climate, are causing many people to feel overwhelmed and unsupported. This is especially true for caregivers who must attend to their own stress and also that of their patients, students, or families. The 3 Doors Compassion Project teaches caregivers practical meditation methods to maintain their motivation and renew their energy, so they can respond to whatever arises in the moment from a natural place of presence.

With over 50% of healthcare professionals reporting symptoms of burnout, the need for self-care practices has never been greater. In the Compassion Project, we explore select practices that support compassionate care and self-compassion for healthcare professionals, educators, therapists and anyone who is motivated by compassion.

Marcy Vaughn Co-Founder / Teacher

“We support the people who care for others. By teaching and exploring the practical application of 3 Doors meditation methods, we help people to better serve their patients, students, and clients. Each Compassion Project participant has the potential to positively transform the lives of so many people who depend on them for health, education, and wellbeing.”

Funded by a generous donor, 29 people completed the first Compassion Project 9 month program (2016-2017) in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, hometown of co-founders and Compassion Project teachers Marcy Vaughn and Gabriel Rocco. A 5-week intensive class served 41 additional people in May 2017.

9 Month Compassion Project Participants, Bryn Mawr, PA

With 3 Doors meditation practitioners in 19 countries across Europe, North America, and Latin America, news of the overwhelming success of The 3 Doors Compassion Project is spreading.  Registration is now open and space is available for up to 60 people. This 9 Month program takes a personalized approach to online learning. Led by 3 Doors Senior Teachers, this program consists of LIVE online monthly teachings, twice monthly LIVE online small group practice sessions – just eight people per group, a daylong LIVE online retreat, and a virtual resource room of guided meditations. Accessible and relevant to busy professionals, this meditation program provides lifelong practices for compassionate action towards self and others.

The first two Compassion Project programs included a research component, led by Principal Investigator Mike Gawrysiak, Ph.D, to document the effects of these Tibetan meditation methods on compassion and self-compassion, mindfulness, work burnout, anxiety and depression, quality of relationships, and quality of life. In October 2017, Marcy and Gabriel will be joined by 3 Doors researchers Claire Clark, Ph.D. and Alejandro Chaoul, Ph.D., to present the preliminary findings at The Medicine of Mind: Healing Physical and Emotional Pain, the Science and Spirituality Conference hosted by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, at Serenity Ridge Retreat Center in Virginia.

View the 9 Month LIVE online program agenda and register at Program starts on September 27, 2017. Early bird rate of $155 monthly, until August 15, 2017.


“I think essentially the Compassion Project is about learning how to hold myself in a space of compassion, and when I can do that, I can hold my clients in a space of warmth and compassion.

“Words can’t do it justice. It’s being willing to connect with my humanity…with the essence of what it is to be human.”

I have become more integrated, calmer, less fearful, and more confident in terms of having a huge repertoire of skills to deal with stuff.”

“What’s really powerful is connecting with what is, being with what is at this very moment at this time, and not trying to change it.”

(Originally published May 26, 2017 – updated July 1, 2017)