Practitioners Association and Presenters

Out of the collective energy of ongoing connection among Academy graduates, Authorized Presenters, and Senior Teachers will come the ideas, projects, service, and creative expressions that will carry Tenzin Wangyal’s vision for The 3 Doors into the future.

The 3 Doors Practitioners Association

Upon completion of a 3 Doors Academy, a graduate becomes part of The 3 Doors Practitioners Association (3PA), a worldwide network that supports continued personal growth, creative expression and service to others.

3PA members hail from more than twenty countries in Europe, Latin America, and North America. Guided by the 3PA Council, it provides multiple avenues for graduates to connect with one another and access programming to deepen their personal practice and serve their communities and society at large.

Open Channel is an online platform for 3PA members to find news, resources, events, and recorded meditations.

Open Channel – for Academy Graduates

Contact if you are an academy graduate and need the Open Channel password.

The 3 Doors Presenters Path

An Authorized Presenter is a 3 Doors Academy graduate who has completed an additional training and mentorship through The Presenters Path and may offer The 3 Doors approach and practices to others. Entry to the path is by invitation of the mentor and includes an initial process of application and evaluation and a year of guided mentorship.

There are now 24 Authorized Presenters in Europe, Latin America, and North America. Once authorized, Presenters are encouraged to offer the view and practices of The 3 Doors according to their own creative inclinations, while maintaining an ongoing connection with a mentor for guidance and support. They bring many benefits to their families, communities, and professions. For example, they serve by leading local practice groups; offering programs in prisons, hospice, and schools; and strengthening their practice in their professions as visual artists, therapists, yoga teachers, and scientists.

PRESENTERS PATH – for prospective and authorized presenters

Prospective Presenters have been invited to consider entering the path by their Academy mentor. Contact for the current password.

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