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Supporting Book Trilogy for the Study of The Three Doors

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Bön meditation master, brings centuries of wisdom
to life with the trilogy “Awakening the Sacred Body,” “Tibetan Sound Healing,” and “Awakening
the Luminous Mind.”

Awakening_the_Sacred_Body Tibetan_Sound_HealingAwakening_the_Luminous_Mind

The trilogy is based on the premise that within each person is the source of unbounded
spaciousness, infinite awareness, and the warmth of immeasurable loving kindness,
compassion, joy, and equanimity. Through simple and direct instruction, the reader
is guided to reflect upon ordinary limiting experiences in a new way—without conceptual
elaboration or analysis. Using the medicine of naked, non-conceptual awareness—
medicine that is not owned by any tradition but is at the heart of all spiritual experience—
what appears as a limitation or challenge opens to reveal hidden treasures.

Working with our body, speech, and mind—the three doors—inner wisdom is the recognition
of a deeper capacity present in each person in every moment. Through engaged meditation,
discover fresh perspectives and skillful ways to transform pain into the path of liberation
and bring benefit to self and others in our increasingly complex world.


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